Changing the world one mind at a time

Sep 24, 2019, 11:01 AM
Keiron Sparrowhawk MedTech expert, founder and CEO of MyCognition joins us this week. He explains his personal connection to his early work within pharmaceuticals with Wellcome and GSK.  He tells us how his disruptive thinking lead him into entrepreneurship and how his first venture PriceSpective resulted in a fantastic exit, which enabled him to concentrate on himself and subsequently create MyCognition.

Keiron explains how his vision for the cognitive fitness game and app described as “physiotherapy for the brain” is set to disrupt the pharmaceutical market, and how the inspiration came from his desire to improve the quality of life of people suffering, often silently with diminished cognitive function. His passion shines through when he describes how this development could shape the way in which society as a whole considers and deals with mental health and cognitive fitness.