Virtual Reality: The Future of Paediatric Healthcare

Sep 17, 2019, 09:00 AM
There is an ever-increasing role for technology in the healthcare setting. We are now finding that perfect partnership of using technology to its full advantage in order to reduce pain and suffering and increase health outcomes. Dr Evelyn Chan is the founder and director of SmileyScope, a new way of interacting with kids through virtual reality. She is a paediatrician and Rhodes Scholar and works at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Through her vision, ‘VR’ is reaching children in major hospitals and GP clinics throughout Australia, but it is only the beginning. Research shows the use of distraction such as VR reduces anxiety in both children and their parents, reduces pain and increases acceptance of healthcare overall. The future is exciting!

In this podcast, I will ask her what the role of technology is in kids healthcare, other technological advances coming to Australia and how the VR goggles actually work.
Check out the Smilyscope website at for some interesting videos and to see more about how they work.

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