s04e37 - Happy Birthday, Uncle Stinky!

Sep 19, 09:54 PM
ATL SketchFest!
Atlanta's Premier Sketch Comedy Company and Creative Loafing present Atlanta's only festival dedicated to sketch comedy at West Midtown's Pulp Atlanta. Click here for more info and tickets.

Thursday, Sep 26 - Saturday, Sep 28

This 3 night event will take place at West Midtown's Pulp Atlanta Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (September 26, 27 & 28.) Shows begin at 8pm. Over 3 nights, audiences will have the opportunity to see 9 different sketch comedy groups. 3 groups will perform each night.


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Happy Birthday, Uncle Stinky (and Chad)!

This week we celebrate Jeff's 50th birthday. Friends and family leave messages for Mr. Leiboff, along with some notable celebrity appearances. We are joined by former Regular Guys Show intern (and current Radio Labyrinth Patreon Producer), Chad Sheppard. Chad hosts a gospel music show on WJGA-FM in Jackson, GA and was one of the Regular Guys interns who spoofed America and the world in the infamous 2014 Justin Bieber stunt.


We roll out the gifts for Jeff; a Cameo video featuring a happy birthday from, Gilbert Gottfried, a Weird Al Yankovic Funko Pop, a sampling of the latest M&Ms and an overly-phallic donut assortment courtesy of Sublime Donuts (and Steph). 

PLUS: Steph was a good stand up comic, Tim talks about Classic WCW podcast, "What Happened When", we listen to Offset's & Metro Boomin's, "Ric Flair Drip" and discuss if it's OK to sing along with our favorite rap songs. There's going to be a Bang Bros Stadium, we had some fun adventures with LSD, Steph's signature titty-effing joke, Tim defends Dane Cook, don't miss the new Sketchworks live show (see below), RIP: Ric Ocasek, Cokie Roberts, Eddie Money (RIP), Dan Ackroyd on Joe Rogan, Stephen King's The Institute, Crank Yankers returns, NFL, Righteous Gemstones, the return of Always Sunny, and more!

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The Power Pod with WSB's, Jared Yamamoto, et. al.

One Topic with our very own, Autumn Fischer & Greg Russ

The Wilder Ride with Alan Sanders and Walt Murray

Bryan Silverbax Show

The Regular Guys Review with Larry Wachs

What Happened When Podcast

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