S1:E1 Hot Sauce and Greens: Eating Healthy in the Hood

Sep 24, 2019, 10:00 AM
Let’s get a better understanding of the word ‘HOOD. ‘Hood is a not synonym for a gangster nor is it meant to racialize segments of society. The term ‘Hood, which is a shortened version of the word “neighborhood", is defined as an area or region where someone resides. In today's world, the reference is geared towards inner cities. The inner cities traditionally are home to low-income families that come from all racial, ethnic, and societal backgrounds. It is a common fact that people who live in the inner city have easier access to corner stores and fast-food restaurants that serve foods high in calories, sodium, and fat then they would grocery stores with fresh produce and healthier options. This can have deleterious consequences not only on an individuals health but also on the next generation. In today’s episode, we go beyond the financial and economic constraints of living in the inner city and teach you how to make healthier food choices by utilizing what is accessible to you.

Music by: Lakey Inspired