Unmute Ep 5: The Subtle Art of Gaslighting

Sep 20, 2019, 07:40 AM
In 1938 British Playwright Patrick Hamilton wrote a play called Gaslight. It also got adapted into a an award-winning film in 1944. It’s a psychological thriller around a married couple — the woman comes from wealth and the husband realizes she is his jackpot and so he drives manipulates her into believing that she’s insane.

If you’ve heard of the term gaslighting - this is where it comes from. The expression Gaslighting has been used in psychoanalysis a lot of time. It is an exceptionally common form of manipulation and yet it goes unnoticed by those who face it.

In this episode of Unmute, two women who were muted by gaslighting in their personal relationships speak out about their experiences. We also speak with queer therapist Ipsa James on how to identify and address gaslighting in any relationship. Tune in!