Blain's Financial Porridge September 20th 2019

Sep 20, 10:36 AM

Blain's Financial Porridge Podcast addresses major themes in global markets from a completely independent perspective. Each day Bill Blain's Morning Porridge blog examines key events in detail -

This week Bill Blain looks at the problems facing Saudi Arabia in the wake of the Houthi oil bombings, investor disinterest in the Aramaco IPO, and news Saudi ruler MBS is exhorting money from rich Saudi's to buy it. How much does it raise regional risks and a Saudi insurgency? 
Next up is the US economy - despite the Fed making a 25 bp cut, the economy looks in good shape - whatever Trump tweets.  Stocks have some issues for unicorn Tech companies: WeWork's failed IPO has burst that bubble. But bond yields look a serious problem.
After Greta Thunberg told Congress to go listen to scientists, green investments have come to the forefront. But to stop global warming is now impossible, and it can only be mitigated. That doesn't mean ending global growth, but finding new ways to grow while addressing a very new environment. 
Finally, Europe. It looks as if a Brexit Solution may be yet another last minute EU triumph.. but as the UK wanders off on its own, how will Europe face up to fiscal and political union when they can't agree what Fiscal Stimulus might mean?