Blue Magic

Sep 21, 2019, 05:42 PM

Hey people! Check this out. We are going to talk in great lengths about all the headlines you care so much about :) From Tekashi Snitch-9 to the Streaming wars. Is Denzel Washington apart of the X-Men universe now? We talk suicide and death. We talk Rambo's last hoorah and so much more.

Pancakes Family! What It Do Babeeeyy! Let's get straight into it:
Kevin Hart is being sued for $60 Million for sex tape made in 2017
Area 51 Raid was a disappointment
Man Kills 3 Teenage Intruders
What's So Bad About Suicide?
Tekashi Snitch 9 Tells On Everybody/Would You Cooperate?
NBC launches streaming service Peacock and Saved By The Bell Returns
BET launches streaming service *shrugs*
Boondocks set to return to HBO MAX streaming service
Denzel may be the same guy in every movie. Rumored to join X-Men
Power Episode 4
Why Do Women Use Sexual Energy to Attract Men Only To Be Turned Off?

Alot more cause well it's 3 hrs. Press Play!