1/2 Anosognosia: intrinsic flaws in our brain, & how we manage; Brain Bugs with Dean Buonomano

Sep 23, 03:29 AM
Image:  Henry Vandyke Carter and one more author - Henry Gray (1918) Anatomy of the Human Body (See "Book" section below); Bartleby.com: Gray's Anatomy, Plate 1197. Public domain. 
Brain Bugs: How the Brain's Flaws Shape Our Lives, by Dean Buonomano
“Excellent. . . . [Buonomano] reveals the intricate limitations and blessings of the most complex device in the known universe.”―The Atlantic
       The human brain may be the best piece of technology ever created, but it’s far from perfect. Drawing on colorful examples and surprising research, the neuroscientist Dean Buonomano exposes the blind spots and weaknesses that beset our brains and lead us to make misguided personal, professional, and financial decisions. Whether explaining why we are susceptible to advertisements or demonstrating how false memories are formed, Brain Bugs not only explains the brain’s inherent flaws but also gives us the tools to counteract them.
From our susceptibility to advertising and propaganda to the biases of our memory to how word choice sways our decisions, Buonomano treks across evolutionary psychology, cognitive science, neurobiology, philosophy, theory of mind and a number of other disciplines. -- brainpickings.org