Episode 32 - Ground Wars and Goose Games

Sep 24, 06:24 PM
This week's episode is a little more laid back than usual considering it's only Diego and Rob on the panel this time. That doesn't mean there's any less content though! Rob talks a bit about Minecraft and how the game seems to be becoming popular again, and then both Rob and Diego share some more thoughts about the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta, specifically the new 32 vs 32 Ground War Mode. Not only that, but Diego takes some time to talk about Untitled Goose Game, Borderlands 3, and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, which got a demo on the PlayStation Store last week.

Later in the show, the two discuss the upcoming State of Play and what they'd like to see from it. Also, the August NPD report came in, and the guys take a look at what games sold well and others that didn't do too hot. Finally, a court ruling in France might mean big changes for the way we buy digital games, and Diego and Rob ponder as to what this could mean for Steam, other platforms, and the industry as a whole.

All that and more in this episode of the Spectator Mode Podcast!

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