1/2 Twenty-first Century American civil war, with Michael Vlahos

Sep 26, 2019, 05:48 AM
Michael E Vlahos, Johns Hopkins:  Millenarians, Nancy Pelosi’s Ukrainian impeachment trajectory, and the Twenty-first Century American civil war.  Declarations that we’ll have to give up our energy; themes converge in the Messianic climate change tale.  Jeremy Corbyn taking people’s wealth away:  we’re already in the midst of a civil war that’s, inter al., economic.  Vast majority of globalist American elite have embraced overturning society because they think that’s where the momentum and power will be.  Most large US corporations, esp social media corporations, have lurched toward the revolutionaries. Messianic, milennarian, apocalyptic – a religious movement. A powerful existential clash.  The Speaker of the House will endeavor to remove the king