SpaceX Starship prepares for orbital re-entries; with Bob Zimmerman

Sep 26, 05:50 AM
Image:Front cover of Fawcett Comics's adaptation of Destination Moon with trademark notices removed.
Data | 1950
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Autor | Fawcett Comics/George Pal Productions
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Robert Zimmerman, Starship, Elon Musk: fins attached.  Been a year in construction; will have three Raptor engines, most powerful and efficient rocket engines ever made. Private programs compared to earlier, govt programs: in the 1960s. NASA functioned the way it should have.  Need to compare with the giant swamp govt boondoggle today, e.g., Orion. Orion contracts sent out willy-nilly to different companies, but Congress hasn't authorized any money. These contracts are all to help NASA lobby for the program.  Russia and China team up on lunar lander/orbiter projects, on a lunar lander and unmanned missions. The US is currently ’way behind. China is far in the lead. I don’t want a space program dictated by the govt; I want a chaotic, competitive industry.  This competes very effectively with Russia.
        NASA awards Lockheed Martin long-term Orion contract.  Australia signs on to Artemis.  Boeing pushing to kill Gateway, NASA boondoggle?