Japan’s launch pad fire, and Comet Borisov; Bob Zimmerman

Sep 26, 05:51 AM
Image:The Hermes A-1 rocket was designed by the U. S. Army after capturing the V-2 rocket from the German army at the conclusion of the Second World War. The Hermes A-1 is a modified V-2 rocket; it utilized the German aerodynamic configuration; however, internally it was a completely new design. This rocket was the first designed by the German Rocket Team at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL.
Robert Zimmerman, BehindtheBlack.com: Japan finds cause of its launch pad fire: in an exit hole on the mobile launch platform, by static electricity, exacerbated by [an oxygen tank?]  We never found out even what was damaged.  ESA asks for NASA help on ExoMars parachute problems.  Comet Borisov is now officially 2I/Borisov.  Launch in 2030, go near Jupiter, and catch the comet by 2045.  Cave pits in Martian northern lowlands.  May have ice – water!  Subterranean is more benign. Protected from radiation, more constant temperature.