Mindset for Author-Entrepreneurs

Sep 27, 2019, 04:26 PM
Today on the show Jodi talks about the importance of mindset for author-entrepreneurs. She explains that all writers, whether professional or author-entrepreneur, ask themselves, “Who am I to write a book?” The fears and roadblocks that come up — namely fear of failure, perfectionism, analysis paralysis, imposter syndrome / creative lapse (writer’s block), self-doubt, burnout, self-sabotage (ugly inner critic) — affect both kinds of writers. Dealing with them is twofold: figuring out their source, and developing a mantra to combat them.

Jodi stresses the importance of author-entrepreneurs understanding that professional writers struggle with the same fears and roadblocks, as well as the importance of adopting the mindset of a professional writer for a temporary period. That means writing every day and taking book writing seriously (aka treating it like a job).

When to power through and when to stop writing for the day is a question that comes up often, and Jodi offers some tips as well as the relationship between writer’s block and mindset.

She closes the episode by reiterating the need to develop a writer’s mindset, if only for a time, and how it helps author-entrepreneurs successfully write their book.