Stacey Copeland

Oct 02, 12:10 AM

A passionate conversation with professional boxer Stacey Copeland. She’s also the founder of Pave The Way, a charity to challenge gender stereotypes and to support women and girls to get ahead in sports. On top of all that she's a BBC radio presenter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This Strong Manchester Woman has played football for England and is a championship boxer. For one person to achieve both of these in their life time is huge. 

But because of gender, she’s received knock backs at every impressive milestone. It’s these experiences that have spurred this Strong Manchester Woman, to make the patriarchal world of sport more equal for the next generation of sports women who come after her. 

In this episode, your host Vic Elizabeth Turnbull speaks to Stacey Copeland a professional boxer and the first British female boxer to win the Commonwealth title.

As a passionate advocate for women and girls in Greater Manchester, she presents a weekly show on BBC Radio Manchester and has spoken in the European Parliament and at the United Nations as well as delivering more than 100 talks to schools and businesses. She is also involved in a number of charity and community initiatives, including as founder of Pave The Way, a foundation to  challenge gender stereotypes and pave the way for girls and women in sport. 

In this episode Stacey talks about, 

  • Becoming a spokesperson for women in sport
  • Not being able to compete in major sporting events like the Olympics 
  • Nailing your why 
  • Not dwelling on negativity and turning into an impactful, positive
  • How a one-off project turned into a charity
  • Fighting sexism to become the first British female boxer to win the Commonwealth title
  • Why playing football for England started off on a sour note
  • What it’s like to navigate a male dominated and designed sporting world.

Links and information

  • Follow Stacey’s boxing journey and what’s happening with Pave The Way on twitter 

  • Listen to Stacey’s weekly show on BBC Radio Manchester 

  • Find out more about Caroline Criado Perez’s book ‘Invisible Women’ here

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