Tales of Akbar Birbal: Why Birbal Was Akbar's Favourite Advisor

Oct 02, 2019, 09:43 AM

The classic tales of Akbar and Birbal

In this short and hilarious story, we learn why Birbal was regarded so highly by Akbar as his advisor. The story goes as follows:
Several courtiers wanted  to be the royal advisor of Badshah Akbar. So one day, when they came to the court, they said to the Badshah that they wanted to be the Royal advisor. Akbar agreed, provided that they would pass a test. 
Akbar removes his waist coast and asks his courtiers to wrap him from head to toe in the waist coat. But none of the courtiers except Birbal are successful. 
Learn how and why this happens.

This story was narrated by Nitisha Tomar for Baalgatha Podcast. Music is obtained under Creative Commons license from incomptecech.com and other sources.

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