‘Ecosystem-based lending robust than open market lending': Indifi Tech.

Oct 03, 2019, 05:56 AM
Alok Mittal, CEO and Co-founder of Indifi Technologies, shares how Indifi is trying to ‘verticalize small business lending,’ a market that is under-served in India despite having well-capitalised banks, by focussing on eco-system-based lending, in an exclusive conversation with Mint’s Associate Editor Shrija Agarwal. According to Mittal, focussing on right product design and under-writing, fintechs in lending space can avoid stress that has plagued credit market in recent times, and Indifi leverages supply chain information, alternate credit footprint and channel partners to achieve this objective. Alok Mittal shares his candid views on a host of issues, such as, India’s approach towards challenger bank concept being different from that of Europe, how innovations in public (Aadhar, payments etc..) and private space have been catalysts for fintechs, impact of slow-down in financial markets on traditional lending and market-place lending, his growth plans and product experimentation, among other things.