Astros playoffs with Raheel Ramzanali + Old Guys on Social Media Power Rankings

Episode 18,  Oct 04, 2019, 05:15 PM

Raheel Ramzanali of ESPN 97.5 FM joins the podcast for an Astros postseason preview. Plus: Texans year-in-review, Astroworld, Mattress Mack and Old Guys on Social Media Power Rankings.

08:18: Houston Texans review
16:42: Whitney Mercilus and his new sandwich at Antone’s Po’ Boys
19:48: Astroworld Part II (it’s lit)
21:18: Phil Collins concert review
23:38: “The Joker” movie review (SPOILER ALERT)
25:06: Mattress Mack in the news
29:40: Power Rankings: Old Guys on Social Media
37:22: Astros playoff preview
49:52: Jordan’s turtle racing omen

… and quick-fire topics including who has the most swag on the Astros (52:50), Raheel’s favorite Astros memory (54:02), favorite Houston athlete (56:05), Jordan and Booker T (59:54), favorite Houston artist (01:01:05) and favorite restaurant in Houston (01:02:02).