Mariangela Abeo

Oct 07, 2019, 10:00 AM
This week's episode of the Barbaric Strength podcast features Mariangela Abeo of Faces of Fortitude!

Mariangela is a photographer who not only lost her brother to suicide, but attempted it herself as a teenager. She recognized the need to open up more conversations about suicide loss and prevention. Through the Faces of Fortitude project Mariangela interviews individuals who have lost someone to suicide, attempted suicide, or are a first responder who have had to respond to suicide attempts. 

The Faces of Fortitude project is extremely near to me and it was a big honor to have Mariangela on the show. In this episode we discuss how the project came to be, where its going, and how she has handled that change. We also discus her Tedx talk which is now LIVE! There is a link below to watch it now.

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