The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming. Alan Tonelson.

Oct 10, 2019, 03:32 AM
Image: Part of the Great Wall of China (April 1853, X, p.41), from the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society.  Public domain.
Alan Tonelson, independent economic policy analyst who blogs at RealityChek and tweets at @AlanTonelson, speaks of the upcoming trade talks.  A Chinese trade delegation is in, or arriving in, Washington. Liu He, head of the delegation, is very senior and a companion of Xi.  It looks like the last act of Trump trying to show the American public that he’s done all he can to create a deal, and it isn’t working.  Efforts to prevent intellectual property theft and the like aren't working.  I expect no tariffs lifted, although the Oct 5 tariffs may be held off; also, I don’t see the Chinese as interested in offering anything. They may have misread US politics and think they can wait out Pres Trump.  They can hold out for about one more year.  
       Even Elizabeth Warren sees that her voting base is in love with cheap Chinese goods, so her policies are likely to shift to favoring Beijing.  “Vote for Trump, or Xi”?