Lunce's List - Best Conversations of 2018

Oct 11, 2019, 07:58 PM

A little something different this week as Tim and Jon have both been on vacations the last two weeks.  Tim asked Jon to put together his Lunce's List of the five best conversations that the two of them had on Off the Record in the 2018.

0:25 - Introductions and #5 is a conversation they have about...conversations in Episode 14, and the lack of civil conversations in today's society.

11:12 - #4 goes to Episode 37 where Tim asked Jon what his dream job would be within radio.

17:06 - #3 continues the conversation about Jon's dream job in Episode 43 but dives deeper into radio and how many times stations miss out on "moments" because of being tied to one format.  They also discuss how people like Clay Travis and Dave Portnoy have been so successful in their media brands.

23:45 - #2 takes place in Episode 44 after Jon went on TV to promote his non-profit.  The conversation turns into fear and why people are so afraid of public speaking.  They also discuss how people need fear in their lives.

34:52 - The top choice on Lunce's List was Episode 36 where Tim asked Jon the question "What does it mean to be normal?" This led on to a long conversation where they try to define what "normal" even is and what it means to them and everyone else.