Cole World: Astros ALDS Recap, Daryl Morey Tweet Fallout, ALCS

Episode 19,   Oct 12, 2019, 03:32 PM

Nick and Jordan recap the Astros’ Game 5 ALDS victory and look ahead to the ALCS against the Yankees. 

03:50: Texans flying high after their blowout vs. the Falcons
07:31: Daryl Morey and the tweet heard 'round the world
14:16: Dave Chappelle plays 4 nights in Houston
17:50: Nick sells his tickets to Game 5, ends up with a free ticket and it all comes full circle -- a redemption story
24:37: "It's about to be a Hard Knock Life for the Yankees"
25:52: Gerrit Cole, man on fire 
35:31: Closing prayer 

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