Preacher - Season 4 - Episode 08 & 09 and AHS 1984 - Episode 1 - Recap and Review

Oct 12, 04:59 PM
It has been a while since the Dads tackled two shows. Schedules, life and sickness has gotten in the way but they are back.

Preacher brings us ever closer to the Apocalypse giving us all we need to satisfy the fans that we are. We are looking forward to the series finale and know that it won't disappoint.

Those of you here for AHS 1984, jump to the 1:02:30 mark of the episode for our talk on the first episode in this season. The Dads have high hopes, as we do every season of AHS, and this one is looking good so far.

As always, thank you for the listens and please share us with your friends. See you next episode.