2/2 The US produces more outputs with fewer inputs than anyone else in the world. Richard A Epstein @RichardAEpstein @HooverInst

Oct 13, 02:52 AM
Image:  The Availability Heuristic.  Confusing “easy” with “true.” Here, a diagram illustrating graphically the generalization process, using trees; also: snap judgment of whether or not a novel object fits an existing category. Public domain — *permissions: see below.
Richard A Epstein, Chicago Law, NYU Law, Hoover, refines the discussion on climate. . . . The children’s crusade on climate. Setting aside what the adults say, what do people [activists] get from this?   In NOAA, the lager data set looks fishy; Michael Mann’s specs look highly dubious.  If you're trying to get funding and you become an alarmist, grants will flow your direction. How many billions have been allocated this way?  
       A carbon tax is the last thing you’d want: CO2 encourages photosynthesis more than global warming.  The US produces more outputs with fewer inputs than anyone else in the world. Leave well enough alone. The Chinese and pollution.  Who gains from this?  A whole establishment of consultants; can control imagination. Holman Jenkins: The Availability Heuristic/Bias, and the Background Bias.  The 2009 endangerment model was based on bad data.  . . .  Antarctic: active volcanoes, some under one side of the Antarctic but not on the other.  
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