What Path to Publication Should You Take?

Oct 15, 2019, 06:10 AM
Today on the show Jodi discusses the three paths to book publication:

  • Tradition publishing via a publishing house,
  • Self-publishing, and
  • Hybrid publishing (in which authors assume some financial responsibility in exchange for services and a higher royalty).

Jodi noted that there is no one right path to publication, but there is a path that makes the most sense for each author-entrepreneur, based on your goals, budget, and skill set. Each path has pros and cons. The most common pro of self-publishing that author-entrepreneurs and business owners cite is control (over the process, the creative aspects of the book, and the time line)

The hybrid publishing model is emerging and there is no one set, universal model yet. Self-publishing is an accepted—and often the preferred—path to publication for many author-entrepreneurs, whereas a decade ago it was still emerging and often seen as a “backup plan” for those who could not get a traditional book deal.

Listen here or on your favorite podcast player, and let me know what you think!