“Women of the gulag were slaves of slaves.” Marianna Yarovskaya.

Oct 15, 2019, 03:48 AM
Image: Women of the Gulag film poster. Fair use. 
Marianna Yarovskaya, filmmaker, in re: Women of the Gulag.  Six elderly women who were teenagers when the disastrous events occurred.  On Oct 18 and Oct 22, the film will be screened at the Hong Kong Film Festival.  VisibleRecord.com     The film was shown at the Moscow Intl Film Festival, and brought one survivor, who was able to walk. Two more remain, blind, one paralyzed.   The attendee got five minutes of standing ovation. Then it was shown on Rossiya ___ TV, and Aeroflot will show the longer version starting in November.  In the gulags, women were worked as hard as the men, were brutalized. In  a timber camp, one woman said that if she didn’t haul back a tree she got no dinner.  “Women in the camps were slaves of slaves.” No family is unaffected.  Not on YouTube, but we’re selling DVDs to universities and schools.  Will screen it in London next year. In the US, it’ll show at the UN Intl Festival at Stanford on October 22, several days hence.  Screenings in Croatia and elsewhere. I attended a festival in South Korea – North Korean camps are carbon copies of what Stalin camps were [and note that until extremely recently, North Koreans were sold en masse by the Kim family to slave-labor timbering camps in Siberia  —ed.]; in South Korea we got an audience award.  http://www.kinokultura.com/2019/65r-gulag-women.shtml?fbclid=IwAR1T-kP6BvueCPKSF_R2Rq_8R5anJ2ZzeneGnu7PkEyOnj_LYkEQy2FvDNk
       Marianna Yarovskaya is an award-winning Russian-American documentary filmmaker who is the director and producer of the 2018 Academy Award short-listed documentary film, Women of the Gulag based on the book, Women of the Gulag: Stories of Five Remarkable Lives, by Paul Roderick Gregory.