01 Introduction to Don't Blink

Jul 17, 01:00 AM

Welcome to Don't Blink!

I totally said our email address wrong! no apostrophe! email us at: dontblinkcast@gmail.com

This is just an intro explaining the kinds of things you can expect us to be covering in future episodes of Don't Blink. There is some random chit chat, so you're also getting a chance to meet Staci and Lanna and kind of see how we think. I'm sorry for that. (not really...)

Feel free to contact us! Share any personal stories or send us show ideas you have, anything!

email: https://www.dontblinkcast@gmail.com




Music is "Lurking Evil" by Darren Curtis
Many many thanks to Mathew for helping us find this awesome music and for tweaking it for that extra bit of perfection!!