Steve Daria from SteveInvests on Youtube joins me to talk real estate!

Oct 21, 2019, 06:04 PM

From YouTube to Real Estate pro. Come learn about SteveInvests and what he is doing to help real estate agents succeed.

On this episode I'm joined by SteveInvests to discuss the real estate market, growing his career as a real estate professional, and ways the internet is helping his business. I enjoyed learning about ways that he has built a successful business from the early 2000's to today!

Every week Steve Daria is putting out content on his YouTube to help educate real estate agents on how they can be bettering themselves as real estate pro's. One thing that was very obvious to me about Steve is he truly enjoy's helping others succeed. Be sure to listen to this podcast and you will find out more about his story and where you can be plugged into the conversations online with him.

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