Podward Notre Dame - Rob Kelly - Senior Associate Athletics Director Media & Brand | Notre Dame Athletics ('03)

Oct 22, 10:00 AM
Join hosts Tony Simeone and Jon Cotton of Fighting Irish Media as they take listeners on an insider tour of the projects and personalities behind Fighting Irish Media and the Notre Dame Athletics Department.

In this episode, Tony and Jon sit down with their bosses' bosses' boss, Rob Kelly!  As Senior Associate Athletics Director Media & Brand, Rob oversees all of Fighting Irish Media.  As he enters his 3rd year in the role, the guys discuss the biggest changes he has seen during his time with FIM.  

Later, they chat about the impact of the new FIM Mission Statement and how it has helped guide content strategies and decisions department wide.

At the end, they cover the future of media, and where Rob anticipates focusing FIM's efforts in the coming years.

This is another ALL-TIMER and a huge shoutout to Rob for making good on his promise to join us on the pod!

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