Allllll the Dating & Relationship Tips w/ Cosmo Writer Gabi Conti!

Oct 23, 2019, 01:53 AM
The Taylor Swift of dating Gabi Conti is back bringin alllllll the Relationship, Dating, and Career Manifesting advice this week!  

Gabi Conti (@itsgabiconti) Comedian/Author/Host about how she went on 30 dates in 3 days for Cosmopolitan Magazine.  You’ve also seen her on Access Hollywood/ Inside Edition / Daily Mail / The Doctors / Host of The Elite Daily Show. The writer gives a sneak peak on her new book "Twenty Guys You Date In Your Twenties" which you can now pre-order.  

Jaclyn and Gabi dive in on:
-Communication & Honesty tips 
-How to navigate talking exes 
-Focusing on present relationship (the past is the past)
-Getting Ready for dates
-Book Writing
-Caspering / ghosting / orbiting / Zombie-ing
-Dating Horror Stories
-Dating Apps
-Her fave chapters in new book
Happy Halloween & Happy dating Meatballs!!

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