The Laundromat + Singin' in the Rain + Eating Raoul - Eclectica #227

Oct 23, 2019, 04:30 PM
The Humongous Fungus Walks Among Us

Hijinks with the international tax system! It's not the most obvious pitch, but Steven Soderbergh isn't the most obvious director, and he's a cast of stars - Streep, Oldman, Banderas, Schoenarts - to sell you on this frankly insane premise. The result, "The Laundromat", is out on Netflix - but were Graham, Aidan and Sarah buying it?

Off the Shelf has a gooey centre made of Sarah's love for "Singin' In The Rain", Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly's timeless musical comedy, back in a cinema near you. Surrounding it are two black comedies from Criterion UK. First, Graham finds nothing to sniff at in John Waters's scratch-n-sniff spoof "Polyester", then Aidan doesn't pan Paul Bartel's "Eating Raoul". Look, the puns aren't as good as usual this week, we know that. But the Tab Hunter trivia is through the roof!

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