The Miscarriage episode: Inspired by an email to, the Dad's talk miscarriage, fertility issues, booking holidays and minibreaks for the mid-term.

Oct 25, 2019, 11:41 AM
It turns out whenever you have a miscarriage a load of people you know will tell you they've had one too. It's like a shitty secret club you don't really want to be in, but once you're there you're glad the room is full. Nathan and Ger talk about their personal experiences and how different it can be for the Dads and Mas (is the plural of Ma really Mas?). 
They also talk this week about the bits of advice they wished they'd got earlier - have your kids young and book your holidays in October/November. Plus there's a ringing endorsement for a particular family hotel in Gorey from Ger! (It's Amber Springs).