When The Check Stops The Dress Stops

Oct 26, 2019, 06:06 PM

We made alot out of nothing. Is Tank gay? Virgos apparently are the hardest Zodiac sign to love. The NBA is back in action and Van Lathan is fired from TMZ. Also RIP to Cupcake and Kanye drops Jesus is King Album. Also we tackle does being ready for a relationship make you right for one. Much more!

We made ALOT out of nothing.  So let's talk about it.

RIP to Kamille Cupcake Mckinney
Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Difficult To Love?
Is Tank Coming Out Of The Closet?
Michael Jordan says Steph Curry Is Not A Hall of Famer Yet :(
HS Football Coach Foils School Shooting With No Praise
Zaxby's Prices Are Ridiculous
Call of Duty Modern Warfare Is Released!
Kanye Releases 9th Album
Black and Blue Premieres In Theaters
Are You Targeting The Wrong People Or Are They Targeting You?
The Fellas Discuss Being Right For A Relationship Vs Being Ready

So much here, why keep listing it. Just Press Play! #biggerthanpancakes