The Story of Kachha Devyani

Dec 17, 2019, 11:56 PM

How Kaccha the handsome son of Brihaspati goes to Sukracharya for learning the mantra of bringing back the dead to life...interesting isn't it. He and Devyani- Sukracharya's daughter fall in love.what happens next?

Devayani was the beautiful daughter of Shukracahrya, the guru of  Asuras( demons). Shukracharya knew the secret of Mritasanjibani ( a mantra that brings  the dead back to life). When the  Asuras were killed in the war against the devas, Sukracharya would chant the mantra and bring the asuras back to life . The devas also wanted to know the secret of Mritasanjibani so they  hatched a plan. They decided to send Kacha, the handsome son of Brihaspati, guru of the Devas  as a bait for Devyani to fall in love with him. Did the devas finally learn the secret of Mritasanjibani  ?  Let’s listen to this story….

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