Using a Book to Serve Your Business

Oct 29, 2019, 09:00 AM
Today on the show Jodi discusses how to serve your business with a book, tactically speaking. A book is not a “Build it and they will come” proposition (or rather, “Write it and they will buy”). She discusses::

  • Money author-entrepreneurs earn from a book comes from intangibles, not $book royalties (directly from book sales). These include credibility, authority, the know like trust factor, and authority. (If these sound familiar, it’s because at least some are likely similar to goals you’ve identified for your book.]
  • A book allows you to go from serving one to serving many. Examples include turning the book into course or group program or using it as the basis for a membership.
  • A book is often am entry point into your funnel for higher-level one-on-one clients, a group program, or speaking gigs. Allowing readers to know, like, and trust you enables them to grow their relationship with you by investing in you further.
  • Having the book isn’t enough. Author-entrepreneurs must leverage it! This is far easier to do if the book serves the reader. If it serves readers, it will in turn serve you and your business

Listen here or on your favorite podcast player, and let me know what you think!