Publishing Process Overview

Nov 05, 2019, 10:00 AM
Today on the show Jodi breaks down the publishing process into its three main stages: writing, publishing, and marketing:

  • After being asked the same book writing, publishing, and marketing questions over and over, Jodi decided to practice what she preaches and write a book. That’s how Write.Publish.Market. originated.
  • Jodi notes that writing a book is really SO MUCH MORE than just writing. The three main phases are not necessarily done in chronological order, though there are some steps that need to precede some others.
  • The writing stage consists of steps including a brain dump, prewriting, a writing schedule, drafting, getting feedback, revising, and self-editing.
  • The publishing stage consists of editing, interior design, obtaining an ISBN, book cover creation, publishing on Amazon, and more.
  • The marketing stage should start early, and can include things like a launch team, hosting a pre-sale, obtaining advance reviews, a sales page or website dedicated to the book, and a book trailer. Author-entrepreneurs can market as little or as much as they choose, depending on budget, interests, and time.
  • Marketing might be more important than writing, even, because if no one knows the best-written book exists, does it matter? If no one can find it, they won’t buy it. Therefore, readers won’t be served (and in turn you as an author-entrepreneur won’t have your goals met).

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