Nov 02, 2019, 06:39 PM

We are going to need amnesty for what we talk about on this special episode 99. From 6 yr olds deciding gender identity, to the biggest scam going on in Hollywood, to Harriet Tubman story being a myth and tackling the question why is it more excusable when a man cheats versus a woman? Let's go people!

We are going to talk women and more women. Let's go:

First off RIP to Pops John Witherspoon
Halloween and celebrating holidays
Gender Identity a choice
Kevin Hart is back without a hitch. I call it a scam.
Kirk Franklin claps back at TBN
Steph Curry is out for 3 months. Are the sports seasons too long
Power is cheesy but great
Are Apryl and Lil Fizz wrong for their relationship?
Harriet Tubman movie an epic fail
Cynthia Bailey's daughter moves in with fiance and this is a problem
Why is a cheating man more excused than a cheating woman?
Testing your Mate

It's so much more here, we go there. So come with us.