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Nov 03, 03:49 PM
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We continue our conversation with Vijayendra Mohanty aka Vimoh who runs the acclaimed Mythofiction podcast currently! Chose English lit and did not end up there because of rejection from Economics.

"My mentor had a profound impact on me. He was that someone who told me that I was on a path that had merit."

"You're an arts student, what are you going to do in your life?"

Half life of technology implementation with every new technology taking lesser time than the previous one. Similar to the hierarchy of subjects at school, Vimoh found himself opting for the least preferred journalism option - New Media, which was the bottom of the pyramid.

He wants to work for 6-7 months every year and spend the rest of the year working on private projects, so idealistic!

"Nagaraj and super commander Dhruv saved my life. Without them and the entire group from Raj Comics who were pioneers in Indian Comic Books, I would not be here writing something like Raavanayan."

 Vijayendra Mohanty is an Indian comic book writer. He has authored a ten-issue comic series called Ravanayan and is presently writing several new Indian superhero titles to be published soon.
 He has also been the co-creator of the YouTube channel Epified which was dedicated to Indian mythology and history. These days, he is hard at work producing the Mythofiction podcast - an audio drama show with serial stories inspired by Indian mythology and folklore. The first season is called Yugantar and it features a dark lord, a prophecy, and a curious twist on an old trope. (Check it out here -

"Nobody in India can keep their nose out of other people's business"

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