The Snatch is Back!

Episode 9,  Nov 05, 2019, 02:00 PM

Welcome back to the Snatchelor! Even though The Bachelor isn't back, the Snatchelor is. I'm taking you with me in the off-season! We are going to talk about life, careers, post-grad life, friendships and so much more. In this week's episode I'm introducing you to my new co-host, and roommate, Nicole. We're sharing the story of how we met, what we initially thought of each other and what we're up to now in the big city. We also discuss all the latest Bachelor drama and recap this week's episode of Dancing With The Stars. Each week we'll be delving into different aspects of our personal lives while still keeping you up to date on all the Bachelor news you need to know. Enjoy this episode and let me know what you want to hear from the Snatchelor!