Air Pollution Crisis: Docs Explain What’s Happening to Your Body

Nov 05, 2019, 08:10 AM
Are you suddenly feeling tired? Getting headaches? Feeling that something’s wrong with your digestion? It’s probably not work, or food. At this time of the year if you're in the Delhi-NCR region, it’s probably pollution.How do we stay safe and positive in the time of toxic conditions? 

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Pollution easily becomes the most used word in Delhi every winter - and it’s here again. It didn’t take too long after Diwali for the Air Quality Index to drop to hazardous but it’s business as usual. 

For the last handful of years, Delhi as a city has been trying to get more conscious about checking pollution but there’s a long way to go. But in the meantime, some of us have to step out of our houses for work and wade through the smog, through the concentration of the fine particulate matter. And it’s not just our respiratory systems that it’s affecting but also our minds, hearts, lungs, guts - everything.

But how do we remain healthy when all the odds are against us? For this special podcast we spoke to doctors about how to detect the early signs of the negative impacts of pollution and what can we do to live through these dire times.