Andrew Hawkins (@Hawk), former NFL WR/Podcaster/Uninterrupted Biz Dev

Nov 05, 06:09 PM
Andrew Hawkins (@Hawk), former NFL WR turned broadcaster & businessperson joins us to discuss the remarkable path he has taken as an undrafted player to the NFL, who earned an MBA from Columbia University while he was playing and then transitioned to a successful broadcast and business career after leaving the NFL. Hawkins is now a broadcaster for the NFL Network, a podcast co-host of the “ThomaHawk” podcast and he is the Director of Business Development for Uninterrupted, a digital sports media platform that empowers athletes to take control of their own stories and has the backing of LeBron James and Maverick Carter. Hawkins discusses his current roles as well as the importance of maximizing the value of being a current pro athlete during his career instead of waiting to think about his post-career until he retired.

Also joining us is Greg Czerpak, President & Chief Operating Officer of 2nd Skull (@2ndSkull), a lineup of headgear products that uses scientifically engineered materials to protect the heads of athletes in sports such as soccer, football and lacrosse. The company received a grant from the NFL and is making tremendous advances in order to reduce concussions for athletes.

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