Ludic Insights, Episode 12: Innovating and inventing for digital humans.

Nov 05, 2019, 06:17 PM

Innovating & Inventing For Digital Humans - A fascinating conversation between Special Projects' Adrian Westaway & Clara Gaggero, and Ludic's Garrick Jones & Paul Ashcroft.

Digital Humans, Technology, Magic, Innovation & Inventions! Special Projects' Adrian Westaway & Clara Gaggero, join Garrick Jones and Paul Ashcroft to talk about innovating and inventing for digital humans. Their mission is to enhance the unquantifiable aspects of life through meaningful design and inventions. From think packs, mobile phone user manuals, digital and physical Lego planners to designing modern theme parks and many more! How do you integrate digital into an analogue service? What is calm technology? Will we be using more devices or spending less time with digital technology in the future? How do you use magic in design to invent for digital humans? 
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Produced by John McGinty & Aliki Paolinelis. 
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