Frank Talking Part 1 - Brentford Head Coach Thomas Frank Joins Beesotted Down The Pub Talking Football

Episode 582,  Nov 06, 2019, 04:00 AM

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank joins the Beesotted crew down the fabulous Red Lion pub in Barnes to talk football, football and more football. 

We pored over the defeat to Huddersfield. Talked Millwall, QPR and Swansea victories. 

Discussed tactics. Shithousing. Talked making mistakes. Asked why our set pieces were so poor. 

We asked him what his feeling out after hearing the ‘You’re getting sacked in the morning’ chants. 

Thoughts on Daniel Bentley v David Raya

Adam Pendlebury from PWU Podcast gives us his lowdown on Wigan

How they use their pre match scouting techniques to prep for the Wigan match
Lewis McLeod - now at Wigan. Why didn’t it work at Brentford

Plus Thomas and the Beesotted crew give their score predictions for the Wigan game

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In the pub

Brentford head coach Thomas Frank
Billy The Bee Grant
Dave Laney Lane
Matt The Allard
Save Bee Kyriacou

0 min - Intro. Music. Nørgaard called up for Denmark. Lorna Falconer on the Black List
10 min 08 sec - Brentford and Huddersfield fans in the pub after the Terriers match
16 min 29 sec - Thomas Frank and The Beesotted Crew discuss the defeat against Huddersfield. Shithousing. Cowley Brothers. Referees. Set pieces. Strength and weaknesses of both sides. Creative players as 'artists'. "You're getting sacked in the morning" - discuss. Three at the back v Four at the back. Bentley v Raya plus much much more
1 hr 6 min 24 sec - Adam Pendlebury from PWU Podcast gives us his thoughts on Wigan
1 hr 15 min 34 sec - Thomas Frank and The Beesotted Crew discuss the upcoming Wigan match. #TeamsLikeWigan #TeamsLike Brentford. Video scouting. Dangerous Wigan players to look out for. Lewis McLeod - why it didn't work out for him at Brentford
1 hr 35 mins 00 sec - END