Forty years since the Iran embassy takeover; & What is to be done? Malcolm Hoenlein @Conf_of_pres @ThadMcCotter

Nov 06, 12:08 AM
Image:  Cyrus the Great with a Hemhem crown, or four-wingèd Cherub tutelary divinity, from a relief in the residence of Cyrus in Pasagardae. Illustration from Illustrerad verldshistoria utgifven av E. Wallis. volume I: Relief of Cyrus.  Public domain.
Malcolm Hoenlein, Conference of Presidents, November 4 is the fortieth anniversary of Iran’s takeover by the mullahs. Upon their arrival and accession, Americans from the embassy were held hostage for over 400 days.  In Iran, Cyrus the Great Day commemorates Cyrus the Great, who allowed all of his subjects to practice their chosen religion unimpeded; now, after Secretary Pompeo praised the ancient king, the mullahs have blockaded routes to his tomb so the public can't go there to demonstrate against the xenophobic and fanatical anti-Christian, anti-Baha’i, anti-minority laws. Mention of Iran's new centrifuges. We’re at Stage Four in moving away from the JCPOA — the regime has multiply-faster centrifuges than recently. 
      Iran blames Europeans for missing deadlines for steps, even though the Euros are endlessly pandering to Iran.  Twitter routinely bans people and organizations, but until now has managed not to ban Hezbollah and Hamas, both known for mass murder. “While we’re at it, how about identifying BDS as blatantly anti-Jewish?”
      Hamas is going to Turkey and Qatar [for support?]   Iron Dome took down eight of ten rockets. 
Democrats are calling to condition aid to Israel on conditions in Gaza even though it's entirely established that there exists zero occupation in Gaza. 
Cyrus the Great Day (روز کوروش) is an unofficial holiday in Iran that takes place on the 7th of Aban, the eighth month on the Iranian calendar to commemorate Cyrus the Great. The most prominent event of the day is gathering in the tomb of Cyrus, located in Pasargadae.