Sift Through the Data

Nov 07, 2019, 11:03 PM
  • (02:09) Kashmir Hill of The New York Times stops by to tell you how to get access to your secret consumer score. Turns out companies are collecting, tabulating, and scoring your online activity to fight fraud, monitor product returns, and track wealth. Hill details the why and the how of these data gatherers.
  • (29:15) Android Central's Daniel Bader spent some time with Amazon's new premium smart speaker, the Echo Studio. He shares his thoughts on the device and the target market and explains why one of the Studio's new features should be turned off by default.
  • (56:56) Mikah's story of the week: In an exclusive piece, OneZero's Dave Gershgorn details the U.S. military's facial recognition system.

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Host: Mikah Sargent

Guests: Kashmir Hill and Daniel Bader

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