_Women of the Gulag:_ "Slave labor under Stalin was not just for men. There were also women.” Paul Gregory, Marianna Yarovskaya. @HooverInst

Nov 10, 2019, 01:25 AM
Image: Siberian taiga in the river valley near Verkhoyansk. The lowest temperature recorded there was −68°C (−90°F).  Public domain.
Paul Roderick Gregory, author, Women of the Gulag, the book, and now producer of the documentary*, and Hoover senior Fellow, reviews the present then the past. Will Ukraine join NATO?  Putin has two major fears anent Ukraine: that it integrates into the West, grows prosperous and free; Russians on the border will see that; and the other concern is NATO and the European Union.  If Ukraine joined NATO, it’d send Putin over he edge. At least, he’ll do everything in his power to prevent Ukraine from being a success. No one could  be happier about Russiagate and Ukrainegate than Mr Putin.

Clearly, Russia has agents of influence in Washington – all Russiagate roads lead to K Street; US players all have oligarchs and Sberbank in their lives.

Russian [tyrants] can point to the US political mess as democracy gone bad; it has to speak well of Trump because it’s he who’s under fire.

What happened in Ukraine is similar to the happened in the US: 70% voted for he actor, and threw out all established political parties. Is mandate is to bring about peace and to excise corruption.

Both probably impossible; a great tragedy that Ukrainegate burst on the scene just as poor Ukraine was poised to clean up corruption.
*Women of the Gulag is a 2018 US short documentary film directed by Marianna Yarovskaya. and based on the book Women of the Gulag: Stories of Five Remarkable Lives by Paul Roderick Gregory(2013).Best Documentary Short shortlist nominee, 2018 Academy Awards.