_Women of the Gulag,_ now fascinating all of Russia, was shortlisted for an Academy award. Paul Gregory, Marianna Yarovskaya. @HooverInst

Nov 10, 2019, 01:26 AM
Image:  The GULAG head Matvei Berman together with GULAG camp chiefs in May 1934. 
руководства и начальников крупных лагерей ГУЛАГ. (Матвей Давидович Берман, Семён Григорьевич Фирин и др.)  Public domain.

Paul Roderick Gregory, author, Women of the Gulag, the book, and now producer of the documentary*, and Hoover senior Fellow. Russia is so taken with your documentary that they're thinking of broadcasting it all across Russia. What has changed?  Understanding that the gulags were perhaps the USSR’s greatest tragedy, and needs to be an open topic of discussion

The Party line has long been, “Stalin wasn’t perfect but he won WWII; the subways were built by gulag labor, but . . .  “

They couldn’t ignore Women of the Gulag because it was shortlisted for an Academy award, and it was done by a Russian woman.

Most young people in Russia have never even heard the word “gulag.”  No interest or understanding; GenXers couldn't care less, even though they have grandparents or uncles who were [interned] in gulags. “To control the future you need first to control the past.”

In order for Russia to be successful, it must come to terms with it’s past. Why don't they address it? The perpetrators were he equivalent of he KGP; Putin is KGB/FSB.  A liberal group in Russian TV has lobbied to show the video to 30- to 40,million viewers, Scheduled to play last week; suddenly rescheduled fro “the new season.” Looks as though it’s part of the current power struggle.
*Women of the Gulag is a 2018 US short documentary film directed by Marianna Yarovskaya. and based on the book Women of the Gulag: Stories of Five Remarkable Lives by Paul Roderick Gregory(2013).Best Documentary Short shortlist nominee, 2018 Academy Awards.