r/boomertears, DYR almost endorses a candidate, and Hank Freeday enters the chat called life

Nov 11, 2019, 08:07 AM

The rest of the world has finally caught up to u/itsyerdad's quiet revolt against boomer rule with the cathartic battle cry 'Ok, Boomer'. So, to celebrate the mere thought that boomers are offended by such a simple phrase, DYR explores r/boomertears. Plus, DYR nearly lands on a political endorsement (hint, it's bernie), and Hank Freeday starts his life. This episode brought to you by millennials.

0:00 to 3:42 - Introductory White Supremacist Wood Dealer TalkĀ 
3:43 to 26:30 - Front Page Review
26:31 to 57:00 - OK BOOMER
57:01 - u/dogboobes rides off into the sunset.
1:17:00 to END - u/itsyerdad and u/myfreeday solve the trash crisis