#046 - How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Tara Wagner

Nov 13, 2019, 08:01 AM
Imposter Syndrome is something that almost EVERYONE experiences. Kendra has, Christine has, and our guest, Tara Wagner has too. So while everyone experiences it (or at least 70% of people according to studies), the important thing is you have to OVERCOME it, especially if you want to succeed in your business. 
Imposter Syndrome often has you struggling with yourself – questioning who you are, are you good enough, and all of these fears and doubts that may be holding you back from showing everyone what a kickass human being (and amazing health coach) that you really are! 

In this episode we discuss: 
- the definition of imposter syndrome 
- the connection between ego and impostor syndrome 
- can imposter syndrome be taught to go away? 
- can you have imposter syndrome in the comfort zone? 
- strategies to help imposter syndrome 
- emotions vs facts 
- 80/20 rule – 80% mindset, 20% strategy 

Tune into our new episode with Tara Wanger to learn more about imposter syndrome – and best yet, how to overcome it! 
Tara Wagner is a Belief Breakthrough Coach for self-employed women barely surviving their business. She helps you identify and overcome your old habits – both practical, as well as emotional and mental – learn a better way of approaching the work/life/family juggling act, and gain confidence in your new role in your growing businesses 
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