Made in China 2025: “Americans need to worry” – Gordon Chang & Thaddeus McCotter

Nov 12, 2019, 04:14 AM
Image:  Makarov PM, in use in China.  Public domain.
Gordon Chang, Daily Beast, remarks that when Carrie Lam was in Beijing to be humiliated by Xi Jinping, she also met with a [honcho] who said, “No country would accept this” sort of behavior.  Today an unarmed protester with his hands up to show that he was no danger approached a Hong Kong traffic cop – who drew his gun and shot the young man in the torso. He’s in critical condition at present.  Further, it’s reported from Mainland sources that a fellow who spoke up to oppose the demonstrations had a liquid poured on him and was set alight. He’s said also to be in critical condition in hospital.  The matter is quite unclear, could easily be another false flag operation. . . .  Laying groundwork for the use of deadly force.  Intention to intimidate Hong Kong people.
      Showrooms of new cars are empty in Beijing. Slowdown in the third quarter points to a downward trend. October was 16th of the last 17 months to register car sales down. Ali Baba’s Singles Days today booked [11 billion?].  Chinese people buying cheaper and cheaper goods.  Risk of the US bailing out the regime once again?  Always a danger – Nixon, G W H Bush and Clinton all did that; but I don't think Trump is inclined to. Chinese economy was going to slow down because of decisions made by Xi Jinping.  The Belt and Road was Potemkin advertising.  On balance, it’s bad for China, but 2025 is not: it’s building dominance in many sectors, especially 5G.  Americans need to worry about this.  Trump’s sanctions are the one way to put the Chinese economy on its back – which we ought to do.