What's Next For FinTech? ft. Tanya Andreasyan

Episode 9,   Nov 14, 2019, 07:00 AM

On our ninth episode of Money Bites by Smart Money People, we’re asking ‘What’s Next for FinTech?’ We'll be talking to Tanya Andreasyan, Editor-In-Chief at Fintech Futures about the FinTech landscape. We’ll also be joined by Simon Rabin, CEO of Chip to talk about his experience of growing a FinTech. And it wouldn’t be Money Bites without another prank call from resident jokester Mr. Money, as-well as another edition of the world-famous Skittlemania! 

(01:03) - Grill the Big Cheese with Tanya Andreasyan
(17:06) - Skittlemania!
(20:23) - Prank Call with Mr. Money
(22:49) - Interview with Simon Rabin, CEO of Chip

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